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Next G 850MHz Antenna

Need Broadband Internet?
Having moved to regional Queensland to discover no Cable or ADSL Broadband Internet, Satellite was the first attempt.
I endured a few years with Telstra and Reachnet but the speeds were terrible.
Townspeople had reasonable Wireless Internet speeds but being 25km from the transmission tower meant having to overcome the challenge of distance.
As an amateur radio operator I understand propagation and could see the possibilities of an external antenna and could build what I needed.

The next step was research:
If you concentrate on just the Wireless frequencies you need to capture, you can build the right antenna.
My focus was Telstra/Bigpond Next G only... so be prepared to use your common sense as you research what you need for your location and Telco.
I trialled a broadband modem [which had a port for an external antenna] with a VHF antenna and saw an improved signal so figured that building an exact 850MHz Yagi antenna would improve it further.


A little more info...

Important update 2020
Telstra Australia has published the following:
" Telstra will be switching off 3G in 2024. Before switch off, you can use handsets supporting 3G on 850MHz... After switch off you will still be able to access the Telstra Network on 700MHz. Find out more: "

· While 3G telecommunications is being retired in Australia I have decided to leave this page live on the internet
· The 3G mode [and 850MHz frequency] is still used in other parts of the world

· As you see in the FAQ/Gallery Page, people from several countries sent feedback regarding their build and how they use this antenna for their local conditionss. So it is still a relevant resource.
· If you have any feedback or stories regarding this antenna please leave me feedback in the Contact Form below.
I found some some good modeling information at VK7JJ Next G Yagi and Phil's work assisted my Yagi project.
By the way, I know there are commercial antennas which cost at least $200 but I found they were "one-size-fits-all"and not exact enough for my frequency. Besides, making your own is so much fun. This DIY Yagi costs less than $20 so if you'd like to make one, now you know how.

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