About Me

Motorbikes, Amateur Radio, Travel & My Dog
That about sums it up.
With the Australian Callsign VK4ION you know my hobby is Amateur Radio; Teaching it, Building antennas and working in Emergency Communications.

Motorbikes, I've had a few... a couple of Harleys, a BMW 1100 RT road cruiser, a Yamaha 650 run-about and now a 2015 1130cc Indian Scout.

Travel, I'm still doing it, every chance I get. I never have a plan and rarely make bookings.
There is just nothing like the freedom of being at a crossroads and flipping a coin to go left or right. So far I've always made it home.


The Bikes 1993 - Now


Harley Softail Springer 1993


Yep, some A-Hole stole it from the Gold Coast in 1996.
Being Hot Pink I thought it would be immuned from thieves.
I'd travelled a long way on that baby, thru cyclones and deserts, crossed Bass Strait and toured Tassie.
It was a 1993 - Harley Davidson 70th anniversary edition.
Thieves broke her up for parts!


Harley Softail Springer 1996

Insurance paid out

A new one to replace the stolen bike. Pink was no longer an option so settled for States Blue Pearl.
Travelled a long way on this one as well, toured SA, Vic & a lot of NSW.
After moving to Qld and living near the coast, the salt air was a nightmare on all the chrome... she had to go!


BMW RT1100 2000


Long Distance Cruiser

Now this was luxury even if it was very tall and I'm quite short!
Big and fast and I rode everywhere.. Darwin. Cairns. All thru' NSW Vic & S.A.
Last ride was 2015 - NSW - rode Mt Panorama for the last time, and some hairy back roads... She had to go; I was getting older and knew my hips weren't going to keep doing this for much longer.
Sold it to an Undertaker - cool huh?


Yamaha 650 V-Star 2001

Town Run-About

Great little bike for trips to town, altho did go on some longer rides around NSW, just for fun.
Yamaha certainly know how to make bikes, it was all grunt and great performer for a 650cc.
Sold it to a young lad who dreamed of a bike that met the LAMS requirements but looked GOOD.


Indian Scout 1130cc 2015

A Lower Bike

I admitted it was getting harder to ride that tall bike.
The Indian was the solution. They started making them again in 2015, so I got one.
It's lighter and lower to the ground, with great power and good turn of speed. I love it... my last bike before I retire from riding... maybe.


Radio Club BARC



Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club.
I joined when I got my first Radio Licence in the early 2000's and really enjoy it.
I coordinate the Club's training program to help others obtain their licence and enjoy the hobby.
I'm also their Webmaster and take care of Child Protection... busy huh?
It's a diverse hobby with many facets and many people find what they're looking for in the club, so I recommend checking it out.


Emergency Communications W.I.C.E.N.



Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network.
This is a group which provides radio comms for emergency groups activated during natural disasters.
We use 12-volt battery powered radios in portable cases - no electricity required - and our operators are self-sufficient, carrying our antennas as well.
I'm the trainer for the group & keep members at the top of their game.
we are part of the Bundaberg Disaster Managment Plan.


Morse Code My Key

Morse Code Key

Hand-made, brass and timber.
Morse is no longer a requirment in Amateur Radio licencing. I just teamed up with some club members and we practice between ourselves.
It's a fun part of the hobby if you want to give it a try.

CW Osc

Fun with Electronics Oscillator

Morse Code Oscillator

Not something I thought I'd ever say but.. playing around with Electronics is fun.
I made this Morse Code Oscillator which lets you hear how your Morse is sounding while you learn to use the key. This is a link to the project Build Morse Code Practice Oscillator.

Personal Projects

ENVIS Dipole

An emergency antenna for 40 & 80m, easily erected and very efficient

project10 Build ENVIS Antenna


Building portable emergency cases

project3 Link to building cases


Find specifications & technical data

project1 Link to Resource Page

NextG Yagi

Internet antenna project

project2 Link to NextG Yagi project

Digital TV Antenna Info

Get the facts to improve TV reception

project4 Link for Digital TV

Motorcyles & Roadtrips

My bikes & some trips around Australia

project5 Motorcycle trips around Australia

To New Zealand

Driving both islands in search of beer

project8 Link to NZ Beer Tour

Time Travelling in Wales

Enjoying Wales & remembering the past

project7 Link to travel in Wales

Scotland & City of York

Coast and Highlands a travel journal from 2022

kelpies Link to Scotish travels

Then to the USA

Still in search of good craft beeers

proj9 Link to USA travels

Learning to Make Cheese

Yumbo, delicious homemade cheese

project6 Making Cheese at home

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